Cy Finnegan, our founding father, began selling RVs out of his home in the '60s as a part-time endeavor aside from his regular full time job. In 1970, Cy and his partner, Ed Schott opened “Beloit Auto Sales”. Originally selling only automobiles, the men had fitted one truck with a camper and literally broke into the RV sales business one sale at a time.

"Super Center", or Super Service, what do you really prefer?

We are not a self-titled "Super Center" trying to make you another notch on a sales belt. Rather, we are a family owned business that lives and breathes the RV lifestyle, focusing on ethical and honest business practices, with a commitment to your happiness that few other businesses can match!!

Finnegans' RV Center has been awarded more than 24 CSI Awards. These are the prestigious Customer Satisfaction Awards, with many years at 100% customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is not only our goal; it has been our business for over 42 years. Having been in business with family ownership, we are happy and proud to serve your RV, horse and cargo trailering needs and then some. We have the experience and desire to meet your needs, including full-time RV service, welding (aluminum AND steel), suspension components and a parts supply that is unequalled in the area!  We value our customers and we want to prove to you why we keep our customers coming back...just like family!!!

The Good Old Times

1965, left to right: Cy Finnegan (our founder), his brother, Jerry and Jerry's son Mike Finnegan. If you look inside the camper, you will see a sad 5 year-old, Mark Finnegan himself, suffering from chicken pox while on vacation in Canada.

The last photo is from around 1969, also in Canada.

Cy Finnegan passed away in January 2000, but his business practices and principles are still followed by his sons who now run the business. We believe in our products and are proud of our employees, some of whom have been with us more than 20 - 30 years now. We draw from this experience to provide our customers with the finest service available anywhere.

This web site is dedicated in loving memory to our founder

Cy Finnegan 1926-2000

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